2nd Season of “Cold Reading Series” Kicks off September 21st

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Ah, the joys of summer: Warm breezes, the beach, playing charades with the roommate who just might be a serial killer…the bizarre landlady who invites a seedy stranger over for dinner… stranger items appearing in the freezer…not to mention the mysterious laughing voices in the ceiling!

Has our interest in horror and gossip combined with television’s need to hook viewers, gotten more sick and twisted in the last twenty years, or is human nature’s habit of looking at human tragedy and disgusting behavior as fascinating as ever?

Come hear “Betty’s Summer Vacation” in the Tarson Studio and find out if your summer may have been just a bit better than Betty’s!

Betty (Sabrina Fuchs)
Mrs. Siezmagraff (Joann Lamneck)
Trudy (Tiffany M. Card)
Keith (Rich Ciero)
Buck (Rick Apicella)
Mr. Vanislaw (Scott Nangle)
The Group of Voices (Jenn Vogel, Pedro Santana, Polly Corman)

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