Artistic Aspects

Performances, performing, directing or producing

Board Liasions:

Committee Chair Contact Info
Play Selection Mimi Leahey (chair) send message
Director Development Committee Steve Taylor send message
Sundays at 7 Margaret Young send message
Workshops Michael Edan / Derek Tarson send message

Community Relations and Membership

Local, face-to-face communications and outreach. Also questions regarding membership and member benefits, things expected of members, and our organization in general.

Board Liasions:

Committee Chair Contact Info
Benefits Kathy Simpson send message
Street Fairs  Nancy Logan send message
Special Events  Candy Pittari send message
Internships send message
Opening Night Party Carolynn Whitford send message
Halloween Float Candy Pittari send message
Sunshine Committee Kathy Simpson, Nancy Hogan send message
Historian Mike Gnazzo send message
Special Member Events Lisa Spielman send message
Theatre Library Nancy Logan send message
Membership Evelyn Russo send message
Larry D Gabbard Scholarship Claudia Stefany send message

Finance / Treasury

Funds, revenue or income

Board Liasions:

Committee Chair Contact Info
Business Manager Evelyn Russo send message
Treasurer Derek Tarson send message
Development Tiffany M. Card send message
Donations Evelyn Russo send message
Contributions Jim Lugo send message
Grants Lisa Spielman, Darren Carfano send message
Fundraising Lisa Spielman send message
Patron Letters Evelyn Russo / Lisa Spielman send message
Financial Advisory Committee Edward Van Saders send message


Selling Elmwood to the public, our public face.

Board Liasions:

Committee Committee Chair Contact Info
Marketing Director Megan Chill send message
Playbill (Bios) Deb Fleckenstein submit bio
Publicity Omar Kozarsky send message
Advertising Jim Lugo send message
Website Omar Kozarsky send message
Brochure Evelyn Russo send message
Newsletter / Email Blasts Evelyn Russo submit news
Social Media Margaret Young send message

Building Property and Equipment

Physical building, day-to-day management of our theatre.

Board Liasions:

Committee Chair Contact Info
Box Office Evelyn Russo send message
Cleaning Evelyn Russo send message
Traffic / Rehearsal Space Carolyn Whitford request rehearsal space
Security and Safety send message
Hospitality / Front of House Nancy Logan send message
House Todd Moore send message
Human Resources / Personnel Lisa Spielman send message

Technical Operations

Behind the scenes support of artistic operations and production values of shows

Board Liasions:

Committee Chair Contact Info
Lighting send message
Sound send message
Costumes Janet Fenton send message
Props Kathy Gnazzo send message
Set Construction Rob Ward send message