Auditions for “Born Yesterday”

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Elmwood Playhouse in Nyack NY will be holding auditions for its upcoming production of “Born Yesterday“, written by Garson Kanin and directed by Melinda Pinto. “Born Yesterday” tells the story of a shady tycoon who hires a tutor to teach his mistress etiquette, with unexpected results.

AUDITIONS: Wednesday, November 6th at 7pm, Saturday, November 9th at 1pm to 3pm, and Monday, November 11th at 7pm

CALLBACKS: Wednesday, November 13th at 7:00 pm (by invitation only)

PERFORMANCES: Friday, March 13th thru Saturday, April 4th (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with possible Wednesday and Thursdays)

World War II has ended. Harry Brock, a self-made scrap metal tycoon, has come to Washington, DC. Harry hopes to expand his wealth and power by buying his way to a business- friendly Amendment. Harry’s biggest liability is the socially inappropriate behavior and ignorant remarks of his beautiful girlfriend, Billie Dawn. Brock hires an idealistic newspaper reporter to educate Billie and show her the ropes. In the process of learning, Billie realizes how corrupt Harry is and interferes with his plans to bribe a Congressman.

CAST REQUIREMENTS: (5 Males, 2 Females, 5 Ensemble Roles)
Billie Dawn: Female, 25-35. Charming, sexy, sassy, poorly educated, and whip-smart ex-chorus girl. Billie is lacking in social graces, but full of charisma. Her desire to improve her life leads her to experience a wonderful transformation.

Harry Brock: Male, 40’s-50’s. Big, vulgar, charming and egotistical. Not educated. Loud and physically abusive. He loves Billie.

Paul Verrall: Male, 30-50. Personable, idealistic, inquisitive and intelligent. He is a reporter for The New Republic and has no problem in standing up for what he believes in. Paul is hired by Harry to educate Billie and falls in love with her.

Ed Devery: Male, 50’s-60’s. Harry’s attorney. Smart and bitter. Once considered a man destined for greatness, he has lost sight of that promise. He is now an alcoholic, well-paid by his one client-Harry Brock.

Senator Norval Hedges: male, 50-70. A member of the Senate for a long time, he has never made a name for himself. He is a nervous politician currently on Harry Brock’s payroll.

Eddie Brock: Male, 30’s-60’s. Harry’s cousin and yes-man. He handles all the little details including bartending and tipping.

Mrs. Hedges: wife of the senator.

Assistant Manager, Bellhop, Barber, Waiter, Maid

Sides from the script will be made available at the audition. All roles available. Casting is open to all. Ethnicities, races, and newcomers are especially welcomed. Crew and other volunteers are also needed for the event. For more information or directions, call 845-353-1313 or visit

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