Auditions for “Disgraced”

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Auditions for “Disgraced”

Elmwood Playhouse in Nyack NY will be holding auditions for its upcoming production of “Disgraced“, written by Ayad Akhtar and directed by Omar Kozarsky. “Disgraced” is the engaging Pulitzer Prize-winning drama revolving about race, freedom of speech, and religion.

Tuesday October 23, 2018 7pm – 10pm (Amir and Abe only)
Monday October 29, 2018 7pm – 10pm (all roles)
Tuesday October 30, 2018 7pm – 10pm (all roles)

CALLBACKS: Thursday November 1, 2018 (by invitation only)

PERFORMANCES: January 18th 2019 thru Saturday February 9th 2019
(Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with possible Wednesday and Thursdays evening performances)

Amir Kapoor, a successful Pakistani-American lawyer, is rapidly moving up the corporate ladder while distancing himself from his cultural roots. When he and his artist wife Emily host a dinner party, a friendly conversation escalates into something far more damaging.

Non-Equity, non-union, non-paid

CAST REQUIREMENTS: (3 Males, 2 Females)

Amir: (Male, early 30s – early 40s) Pakistani American of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent; speaks with a perfect American accent; a brilliant, smart, ambitious, and successful lawyer, so sharply dressed and sophisticated it nearly masks his deep self-consciousness and insecurity. Married to Emily.

Emily: (Female, late 20s – mid 40s) White, lithe, attractive, upper-middle-class, thoughtful, curious, and engaging visual artist; romanticizes the unknown in love and art; self-centered as some artists are and also optimistic and naive, as some artists are. Married to Amir.

Abe: (Male, late teens – early 20s) Pakistani American of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent; as American as American gets; vibrant and endearing; strong, quiet, thoughtful, and passionate; a young man of conviction. Nephew to Amir.

Isaac: (Male, mid 40s – mid 50s) White, smart, curator at the Whitney Museum, which means he has immense power, which he knows, but doesn’t often flaunt; part of the intellectual elite in New York City; quick with a quip; has a sharp critical eye and tongue. Married to Jory.

Jory: (Female, early 40s – early 50s) African American; commanding, forthright, and intelligent; an ambitious and savvy lawyer; she’s made it to the top of a male-dominated field; powerful with wry sense of humor. Married to Isaac.

Actors must be familiar with the play prior to auditions. Actors must be unafraid to engage in deep political discussion. Rehearsals to begin first week of November.

Sides of scripts will be made provided. All roles available. Casting is open to all. Ethnicities, races, and newcomers are especially welcomed. For more information or directions, call 845-353-1313 or visit or email

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