Auditions for The Man Who Came To Dinner at Antrim

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The Man Who Came To Dinner
by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman

17 Principal Roles and at least 4 Ensemble Roles Available.


Saturday, December 5th at 2:00 p.m.
Tuesday, December 8th at 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, December 10th at 7:00 p.m.

Further callback dates, if needed, will be announced


Audition Location: Helen Hayes Studios, 142 Main Street (outside rear entrance), Nyack, NY 10960
Located on the corner of Main and Franklin Streets behind the Franklin Antique Center. Look for driveway on the left of the Chinese restaurant. Walk to the back of that driveway. Our glass door is at the back of the building. Please DO NOT park in the parking lot adjacent to the studios. That is private parking. There is plenty of metered parking on Main and Franklin Streets


Friday, March 11, 2016 through Sunday, April 3, 2016 (performances to be held on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons with a possibility of additional performances to be scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons).


Sheridan Whiteside, having dined at the home of the Stanleys in Ohio, slips on their doorstep, breaking his hip. Ex-convicts are invited to meals; penguins, octopi, and cockroaches arrive as gifts; and Whiteside’s fabulous, sophisticated, and very quirky friends (thinly-veiled portrayals of 1930s celebrities) disrupt the Stanleys’ humdrum, though stylish, home. When Maggie, Whiteside’s secretary, falls in love with the reporter, Bert Jefferson, and threatens to leave Whiteside’s employ, Whiteside summons a glamorous actress, Lorraine, to win the affections of the young man. The battle of wills between Whiteside, Maggie, Lorraine, and a few others are engaged to determine whom the unsuspecting Bert Jefferson will end up with.



Sheridan Whiteside (Male, 40+) – Witty, caustic, sophisticated, but with a childish spite when he doesn’t get his way. The play (and, to his mind, the world) revolves around him.

Lorraine Sheldon (Female, 35-55) – Chic, glamorous, self-involved, and very, very confident—a siren of no mean talents, and she knows it. (A thinly veiled Gertrude Lawrence.) It doesn’t matter if she’s gorgeous as long as she believes she is.

Maggie Cutler (Female, 25-40) – Whiteside’s long-time secretary. Intelligent, down-to-earth, and sensible, but with a sarcastic edge when she needs it.

Mr. Ernest Stanley (Male, 40-60) – An Ohio businessman, Whiteside’s unwilling host. Impatient and authoritative.

Mrs. Stanley (“Daisy”) (Female, 40-60) – Star-struck and upward climbing.

June Stanley (Female, 16-23) – The daughter of the house. Willful, sensible, but head over heels in love.

Richard Stanley (Male, 16-23) – The son of the house-a photography hound. Introverted, but lovable.

Harriet Stanley (Female, 40+) – Mr. Stanley’s ethereal and slightly crazy sister.

Miss Preen (Female, 40+) – Whiteside’s starched and officious nurse. Her endurance is stretched with every encounter with Whiteside – a slow boil leading to a hilarious climax.

Dr. Bradley (Male, 40+) – Whiteside’s non-entity of a doctor. Comedy ensues from his consistent but ineffectual efforts to have Whiteside help him with his novel.

Bert Jefferson (Male, 20s) – The local newspaper editor, who is the unwitting center of the battle between Maggie and Lorraine. He is good-looking, likable, very sweet, and a little oblivious.

Professor Metz (Male, Any Age) – A German professor specializing in insects. Very enthusiastic. German accent required.

Sandy (Male, 20s) – The labor organizer whom June loves. Must be likable, but also have a fire of righteousness about him.

Beverly Carlton (Male, 35+) – A thinly veiled Noel Coward. Must have British accent. Urbane, polished, witty, and self-appreciative. Must sing.

Banjo (Male, 30+) – A thinly veiled Harpo Marx (but a speaking role). Good with physical comedy, a clown.

John and Sarah (Any age, any race, any type) – The Stanleys’ servants. Sarah is bubbly, John is sober and serious – but within those constraints, these characters can be anything. (This can even be two women.)

ENSEMBLE ROLES (At least Two Men and Two Women – but more if possible – These actors will play multiple roles throughout the show)

Mrs. Dexter & Mrs. McCutcheon – Mrs. Stanley’s star-struck neighbors.
The Luncheon Guests – Ex-convicts
Mr. Baker – The warden
Expressman – Sarcastic and Impatient delivery man
Radio Technicians – Must be men – blue collar and googly-eyed over Lorraine
Westcott – The radio announcer and organizer for Whiteside’s show. Organized, but sarcastic.
Deputies and Plainclothesman(or woman)

If you would like a copy of the script or have any questions, please call or email the director, Derek Tarson
Phone: (845) 634-3627 (Work);
(845) 405-1309 (Evening)

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