Auditions for Two One-Acts in the One-Act Weekend

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Auditions are May 29 at Elmwood Playhouse 10 Park Street Nyack, NY in the Tarson Studio. Please follow the signs to use the New Street entrance around the corner from the main theater entrance.

Please DO NOT park in the lot as there is a mainstage performance that evening.

Auditions for “Boat Spotting” will run from 7 pm to 8 pm
Auditions for “Swedish Fish” Begin at 8:15

Performances will be on Friday, July 26th at 8pm, Saturday, July 27th at 8pm and Sunday, July 28th at 2pm.

“Boat Spotting” written and directed by Dylan Horowitz is a comedy about a gay couple working together at a beach resort and exploring the public and private nature of their relationship.

“Swedish Fish” written and directed by Richard Fulco is a look at a future when people must pay to speak. A tramp encounters an impoverished woman on a country road and hastily spends all of his money hoping to engage in meaningful conversation with her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the money that is required to speak, but the couple manage to communicate and entertain themselves, and in the end, words are not necessary for them to form a genuine bond.

Cast Requirements for “Boat Spotting”

  • Ash (male presenting, he/him, does not have to be cis) Athletic man and energetic. Gives you the feeling he could run a 10k at any given moment and finish towards the front without much warmup. Bright and warm, struggles to be verbose but very confident. Wears his heart on his sleeve and is fearless about it. Working at the beach resort for the sake of having a summer job and some spending money.
  • Eden (male presenting, he/him does not have to be cis) – Shy and bookish. Finds confidence in privacy and Ash’s smile but shrivels around larger groups of people. Looks like he’d fall over and collapse if someone so much as slapped him (not necessarily paper-thin, just unfit). Carries himself like someone who likes reading poetry as a hobby. It’s clear that working at a beach resort is the only way he’d ever get into one. Working because he needs to.

If you are auditioning for “Boat Spotting,” please prepare a brief monologue that shows your ability to be charming and comedic. There will also be sides available at the audition.

Cast Requirements for “Swedish Fish”

  • Man: Any age
  • Woman: Any age. Must be adept at acting without speaking.

Sides will be provided at the audition.

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