Boeing Boeing Is Preparing To Soar!

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boeingwomanThe cast and crew of Boeing Boeing are hard at play preparing for take-off of this fast-paced, rollicking show! The choreography of smooching and remembering what door one enters or exits through are proving to be just as important as the lines – and much more fun to watch!

For those who may not know the plot, Bernard (Elmwood newcomer James Parent), an American living in Paris in the colorful 1960’s, has devised a fool-proof plan to keep his love life exciting – he has three fiancees (Nina Lionetti, Sasha Burgos-Conde, Tiffany M. Card), all lovely and passionate stewardesses, whose schedules prevent them from ever crossing paths. As you might expect in a farce, this all comes crashing down during a visit from Bernard’s old school friend, Robert (Ken Hatlee, making his Elmwood debut). With the help of stalwart and snarky housekeeper, Berthe, (played by Elmwood treasure Sandy Rosoff) doors are slammed, fiancees are juggled, outrageous tales are spun…

Logical? No!
Fun? You bet!

Give your brain a well-deserved break from reality, and come fly the very friendly skies of Boeing Boeing with us! Get your tickets soon, you won’t want to miss this flight of fancy!

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