“We Need A Little Elmwood” Holiday Special

We Need a Little Elmwood Holiday Special,” is an hour-long, streaming, musical, holiday event. This good old-fashioned holiday special is bound to remind you of the Andy Williams, Perry Como and Donny & Marie holiday specials of yore. So grab your TV dinner, adjust your antenna and settle in front of your screen to watch some of our members bring you a little Elmwood cheer! “We Need a Little Elmwood Holiday Special,” premieres December 22, 2020 at 7 PM and runs through midnight on January 3, 2021. Tickets are $5 / $15 / $30 per household. Tickets available at ArtsRock.org which will be streaming the event on their site.

The special opens with Elmwood Board President Steve Taylor wandering the unused set on the Playhouse stage, missing the magic of performing shows. Falling asleep and dreaming of live theatre at Elmwood, he suddenly hears singing! He sees Tiffany M. Card, who tells him that THIS is his dream and he has conjured up an “old fashioned holiday show just like when he was a kid, with special guests, champagne and a real live TV audience.” Throughout the evening guests appear with songs, stories, dance – and homemade meatloaf! It’s a dream filled with fun and the hope of the season, and carries Steve back into a happy slumber dreaming about what a wonderful world it will be.


Dec 22 2020


7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


$5 / $15 / $30

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Elmwood Playhouse
10 Park Street, Nyack NY 10960