“On Clover Road” Audience Talkback Scheduled for January 27th 2018

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An audience ‘talk-back’ will be presented after the Saturday, January 27th of “On Clover Road“.

The Cult Phenomenon

Cult phenomenon has a distinct and global history that affects many people’s lives. Below are links to educate and enhance understanding of the ‘cult’ theme embedded within Steven Dietz’s gripping psychological thriller. Note: The “FARM” in Steven Dietz’s play is an entirely fictional group and is not intended to represent any existing spiritual movement, sect or community. No connection to any other group should be inferred.

Dr. Robert J. Lifton on Destructive Cults

Inside The Teen Mania: Christian Child Abuse Cult - 1/3

Is there a difference between a religion and a cult?

The End Of The World Cult (Documentary) - Real Stories


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