Cold Reading Series Presents “All the Way”

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Friday, January 15th, 7:30 PM

The Cold Reading Series will present “ALL THE WAY” by Robert Schenkkan which tells the story of the tumultuous first year of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s presidency. To pass the landmark 1964 Civil Rights bill, LBJ struggles to overpower an intransigent Congress while also attempting to forge a compromise with Martin Luther King, Jr., and navigate the increasingly fractious Civil Rights Movement. The reading series is always free for anyone interested in watching. Email to receive the link.


LBJ – Michael Edan
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – James Creque
Coretta Scott King/Fannie Lou Hamer – Yvette McLarty
Rev. Ralph Abernathy/Butler – Phil Gist
Roy Wilkins/Aaron Henry/ShoeShiner – Leslie Frances Smithey
Bob Moses/David Dennis – Jason Aubin
Stokely Carmichael/Jame Harrison – Hassiem Muhammad
Hubert Humphrey/ Sen. Strom Thurmond – Steve Taylor
J. Edgar Hoover/ Sen. Robert Byrd – Scott Schneider
Walter Jenkins/William Colmer- Ken Hatlee
Sen. Richard Russell/Emanuel Celler/ Jim Martin- Peter Ackerman
Robert McNamara; Sen. James Eastland; Rep. William Moore McCulloch; Gov. Paul B. Johnson Jr. – Nick Nappo
Stanley Levison/Rep. John McCormack/Seymore Trammel/ Rev. Edwin King –Rich Ciero
Cartha “Deke” Deloach/ Howard “Judge” Smith/ Sen. Everett Dirksen/ Gov.Carl Sanders -Joseph Leone
Gov. George Wallace/ Rep. James Corman/ Joseph Alsop/ Mike Mansfield/ Walter Reuther- Jeff Golda
Lady Bird/Johnson/Katherine Graham/Rep. Katherine St. George-Joann Lemneck
Secretary/Lurleen Wallace/ Muriel Humphrey /Sen. Maurine Neuberger- Alison Alison Costello
Stage Directions- Tiffany M. Card

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