Dracula Artisans and Craftspeople Take Center Stage

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Rob Ward reflects on working with the group of volunteers who created the setting for Dracula

The gang of artisans and craftspeople responsible for breathing life into the settings for Dracula gathered at the playhouse this past week for a well-deserved picture on set. Some of the group missed out on the last couple of weeks of the build – so their reactions  when they saw the final result were great. A big THANK YOU to Rick Apicella, Pete Babiak, Jack Binder, Chantale Bourdages, Arthur and Megan Chill, Albert Elyjiw, Lenny Goldberg, Omar Kozarsky, Bruce Levine, Todd, Alexsis and Margot Moore, Wendy Portney, Linnea Silverman, Kathy Simpson and Steve Taylor. From the start this set was challenging, and without the dedication and effort of this group, my design and ideas would not have become reality. From Linnea’s custom-sewn coffin skirt to Albert’s tireless efforts restoring the Richard Paul mantle, all of you exceeded my expectations. From the bottom of my heart, thanks gang for a wonderful ride!!

FYI, Turnover is Sunday October 8th!!

If you’re interested in joining the ECP Work Sessions group, drop me an email at rward@hvc.rr.com. You’ll receive weekly updates on work sessions and opportunities.

Really, you guys blew me away!   Rob Ward

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