Elmwood Far and Wide

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As you all know Tiffany M. Card have been coordinating the Cold Reading Series for the last two years. In October, we did a reading of It Can’t Happen Here, a play of the powerful, political, Sinclair Lewis novel from the 1930s, about a fascist, populist President. That little reading and Elmwood Playhouse was brought to the attention of The John Rothmann Show, a radio talk show on KGO 810 AM in San Francisco. How you might ask?

It seems searching for old friends, a fight captain, and the internet had a bit to do with it. Regina, a college friend of Steve Andresen, was going through old photos, re-doing some scrapbooks, and came upon photos of him. She wanted to find him so she could share these photos and wondered where he might be after all these years. Well, she did what so many of us have done, she Googled him. Low and behold, she found him on our website as a fight captain for several of our shows.

Regina had been a theater major herself in college and was intrigued by our little theatre. She saw we had done a reading of It Can’t Happen Here and contacted Tiffany. She asked if she could pass it along to the radio host who has a political talk show. While Tiffany said, of course, she let her know that theaters across the country were doing the play, including Berkley Rep. in her area.

Tiffany does not know if the Elmwood Playhouse name made it on the air, but in a time where we all are craving some human connection, it’s nice to hear how even when the Elmwood stage is dark, the volunteers and community of Elmwood ripple out far and wide.

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