Elmwood Honors Duncan Bell

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It’s unusual for Elmwood to have a full house give a standing ovation on a Monday night—but that’s what happened at the membership meeting on June 6. Elmwood Community Playhouse honored Duncan Bell with the Golden Elm Leaf Award and the house overflowed with people wanting to join in the applause for our long-time member and friend.

pictured (left to right)” John Bradley, Crawford Deyo, Mike Gnazzo, Kathy Gnazzo, Jennie Marino, Rob Ward

Duncan has been instrumental behind the scenes of innumerable shows in countless ways. John Bradley, Crawford Deyo, Mike Gnazzo, Kathy Gnazzo, Jennie Marino, and Rob Ward represented the many members who have benefited from a connection with Duncan. Each took a moment to share anecdotes and insights into the countless ways Duncan has helped Elmwood and its members. Everyone had a story about the amazing skills and talents of Elmwood’s own “Doc Brown.” When the speakers reluctantly drew their remarks to a close, Board President Lisa Spielman presented Duncan with the Golden Elm Leaf award. In his speech, Duncan thanked the speakers, his wife Jennifer Giunta, and the Elmwood membership. But our thanks go to Duncan.

The Golden Elm Leaf is a unique award. It is given in recognition of a member whose efforts goes above and beyond—not for the applause, not for the reviews, but for the love of Elmwood. It is a fitting award for Duncan, a member whose work has enriched the Elmwood experience for both members and audiences. As his bio accurately states, he has worked on “too many shows to mention.” But that doesn’t stop us from hoping that he is willing to keep adding to the list!

Thank you, Duncan, and congratulations on this well-deserved award.

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