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We have given ourselves a 75th season anniversary gift! Our ElmwoodPlayhouse logo, designed as a mosaic of playbills from the countless shows we have performed on our stage, now graces our lobby as an 8‘ x 8′ banner.

In so many ways, this mosaic is metaphor for our theater and the volunteers who work to provide quality live theater in our community year after year. We may not always see the detail at first glance, but the beauty of the whole is only possible because of the individual parts.

On your next visit to Elmwood Playhouse, check out the banner and see if you can find your favorite show!

In the meantime, enjoy the online presentation below. Hover your mouse over each of the images below to see an enlarged preview. The first image presents the montage of our programs cover. This is the version that currently hangs in our Lobby area. The second bonus image incorporates images of all our Elmwood members and volunteers throughout the years.

Thanks to Omar Kozarsky for creating these stunning artworks that represent Elmwood Community Playhouse so well!


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