Elmwood Playhouse Announces Cast and Crew for “Dracula”

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Elmwood Playhouse is pleased to announce the cast and crew for its upcoming production of Dracula.

Cast / Crew List for Dracula

Cast List:

Dracula: Larry Brustofski
Van Helsing: Bruce Apar
Dr. Seward: Derek Tarson
Harker: Aaron Newcome
Lucy: Sommer Barstow
Renfield: Arthur Chill
Maid: Meg Renton
Maid: Desiree Cobb
Attendant: Donal Lehane

Crew List:

Director: Michael Edan
Producer: Mimi Leahey
Producer: Derek Tarson
Stage Manager: Kathy Simpson
Stage Manager: Nancy Logan
Assistant Stage Manager: Megan Chill
Costumes Designer: Janet Fenton
Lighting Designer: Mike Gnazzo
Props: Rich Ciero
Set and Scenic Designer: Michael Edan
Set Design and Technical Director: Rob Ward
Board Liaison: Steve Bermack

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