Elmwood Playhouse Logos and Logo Guideline available

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A collection of Elmwood Playhouse logos are available for Elmwood members to download from our Publicity page on our website.

Once you download the attachment you will find three folders: one named “screen”, one named “print” and one named “press”.

  • SCREEN files can be used for any onscreen use such as web pages, PowerPoint and video presentations
  • PRINT files can be used to print from your home office inkjet printer
  • PRESS files can be used for high quality printing jobs

(NOTE: only the EPS file and the files than are 300 pixels per inch (ppi) or greater should be used for high quality printing press jobs)


If you plan to have your vendor run a “spot color” print job, they should use the file named:


which uses the following Pantone Matching System (PMS) spot colors:

  • PMS 7421 C (maroon)
  • PMS 123 C (gold)

Files that have “transp” in its file name have a transparent background. Files that end with the file extension .eps or .psd within this archive have transparent backgrounds by default.

Also included in this package, is a PDF style guide illustrating proper use of the Elmwood Playhouse logo in publications. Any artwork or advertising materials created to promote Elmwood Playhouse or any of its events, should be approved by the Elmwood Playhouse Marketing Director before sending to the advertising outlet. Please contact our Publicity department via our Contact page for assistance and for final approval of any materials you might attempt to create yourself..

A full list of files appears below.


  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-black.eps
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-black.psd
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-color-cymk.eps
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-color-cymk.psd
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-color-pms.eps
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-white.eps
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-white.psd


  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-black.BMP
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-color.BMP
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-white.BMP


  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-black-no-transp.gif
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-black-transp.gif
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-black-transp.png
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-black.jpg
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-color-no-transp.gif
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-color-transp.gif
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-color-transp.png
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-color.jpg
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-white-transp.gif
  • Elmwood-Playhouse-logo-white-transp.png


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