Elmwood Playhouse Welcomes Music For Life Creative Arts Therapy

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NYACK, NY: Elmwood Playhouse in its partnership with Music For Life Creative Arts Therapy (MFLCAT) will be holding a performance showcasing the Music For Life members. The continuing goal of this partnership is to provide opportunities for children, teens and adults with all skills, abilities and challenges to experience the joy and excitement of performing in the community.  MFLCAT provides creative arts therapy as well as music, art and theater lessons and classes  to the Rockland and Westchester communities. 

“Our participants have benefited tremendously from being able to perform at a professional theater in the community,” says Jeffrey Friedberg MT-BC, LCAT director of Music For Life. “The more opportunities for them and their families to integrate with the community the better for everyone. Through musical theater, they learn important skills and build awareness of the many talents they have to offer others. And Elmwood Playhouse has always been a wonderful partner for these events. We value their opening their doors to us!”

“Theater is such a powerful form of communication and collaboration, and nothing illustrates that more than our partnership with Music For Life Creative Arts Therapy,” says Lisa Spielman, President of Elmwood Playhouse. “Programs like this really emphasize our devotion to the ‘community’ part of community theater. We love opening our stage to these talented performers, working with their exceptional staff, and cheering along with their devoted fans. We are so happy to welcome them back this year.”

On December 4th, MFLCAT will perform “Life Is A Highway”, featuring youth, teen and adult performers throughout the day. They have worked 12 weeks in preparation for this event.

About Elmwood Playhouse: The theatre provides a local, intimate setting for live theater. They create opportunities for creative expression, reflecting the diverse voices of the community. Elmwood collaborates with other local organizations to promote performing arts.

About Music For Life: Arts therapists using music, art, drama and movement to transform lives. Their team of licensed creative arts therapists, teachers and professional performers and artists use evidence-based creative arts approaches to bring joy, help build skills, form meaningful relationships and create an accepting community. More information may be found online at: https://www.musicforlifecenter.com

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