Elmwood Receives New Lighting Instruments

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Last week Mike Gnazzo picked up and delivered to Elmwood 45 stage lights and other lighting items from Pearl River HS…they were originally scheduled to throw them out, since the school will be changing over to LED lights instead of incandescent. This was arranged by the absolutely gracious influence of Jean Beckerle of Pearl River High School.

If we had to buy this package…even used the way they are…it would have totaled about $6,500

We got
34 Parnel lights
11 Source Four Jr lights
9 portable dimmer packs
various length jumper cables
various length data cables
a few ‘top hats’ for the source four lights
a number of extra bulbs
…and 2 hanging microphones and some sound cables that were tangled in.

All Mike has left to do before they can be used is to bench test them all up in the electric shop.

Total Cost: $20 gratuity to a helper.

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