Elmwood Welcomes the Moore Family

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New volunteers are always enthusiastically welcomed to Elmwood. Recently, the Moore family, Todd, Alexsis, and daughter Margot, hit our ground running with their wholehearted involvement. Alexsis relays their journey:

“Our connection with Elmwood began with attending shows and saying “it would be so cool to get involved” on every ride home. Considering Margot’s passion for musical theater, we saw Elmwood as an excellent opportunity for her to gain valuable experience in all aspects of theater life. The decision to volunteer was solidified when Alexsis came across Rob Ward’s call for volunteers over the summer. Since then, we’ve become an eager and willing part of the Elmwood community!

Alexsis and Todd volunteering with set construction.

Our involvement encompasses various roles. Todd has been instrumental in set construction, with recent new responsibilities as Theater Manager, after Mike Gnazzo’s resignation, offering new challenges. Margot and I have contributed to hospitality, lighting operation, 50/50 management, painting, and the expert application of leaves to the scenery. Additionally, Margot has secured a role in the upcoming Fun Home.

Our continued commitment to Elmwood is fueled by the warm and welcoming community. Everyone’s inclusivity and friendliness make being a part of this theater, so close to home, truly enjoyable. We are dedicated to ensuring Elmwood remains a vibrant and thriving hub for theater enthusiasts!”

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