Elmwood’s Broadway Bound Garners a Rave Review in “Our Town”

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In a review published today in Our Town, Arthur R. Aldrich gave a rave review to Elmwood’s production of Broadway Bound. The full review can (and should) be viewed on page 12 of the printed version of Our Town or on-line here. (Copyright restrictions prohibit reproducing the full review here.)

Here are some excerpts (permissible under the Fair Use doctrine of the Copyright Act) of this well-written review:

“The current Elmwood production [of Neil Simon’s Broadway Bound] has peeled back layers of subtlety in plot and characterization . . .”

“[D]irector Kathy Gnazzo has re-ignited the freshness of [the play’s] long-ago opening.”

“[As] Jack, the husband and father, . . . [Derek] Tarson turns in a realistic and believable portrayal . . . [with] undertones of Willy Loman, questioning, angry and frustrated in his mid-life crisis.”

“Debbie Buchsbaum plays Kate, the perennial Jewish mother . . . [who delivers] a rich and nuanced performance, revealed when she shows the strength and determination to risk the family structure . . . counterbalanced by a bit of romantic whimsy.”

“Arthur Chill’s Ben is a Chekhov-like character . . . Chill’s reading of this character adds humor, depth and empathy and could have been drawn from the best Yiddish theater performances . . . [His] timing and delivery is impeccable, a stand-out performance among a top-drawer cast.”

“Stan, the brother, [is] played by Jordan Adelson in a well-drawn characterization.”

“Bill Mentz’ set design evokes a one-family home of the 1920s era.”

“Mike Gnazzo’s lighting design enables use of the multi-level set. Gnazzo also did the sound design with masterful integration of El-trains as background and radio segments that are key plot elements”

“Claudia Stefany’s costumes suitably evoke the 1940s.”

“The Elmwood production brings out many subtleties in this vintage Simon play that many decades of commercial and non-commercial production may have obscured.”

Broadway Bound only runs for two more weekends. Make sure you don’t miss this outstanding production. Tickets and information are available from https://www.elmwoodplayhouse.com or call the box office at (845) 353-1313.

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