Elmwood’s Performance Area Undergoes a Major Transformation for Fun Home!

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The day after a production closes is traditionally known as Strike Sunday. Recently we’ve begun calling it Turnover Sunday to reflect that we not only strike the departing set, but also begin to load in the next show’s set. However, this past Sunday might most appropriately have been called “Tear It Up Sunday.” Not only did we strike the set for Italian American Reconciliation, we tore out the stage!

Striking the set

Elmwood’s performance space lives somewhere between the definition of a proscenium and a black box. While we don’t have a proscenium arch, the playing space is raised, structurally defined, and separated from the audience. However, like a black box theater, we do have the ability to reconfigure the space—and that’s just what we’re doing. In just 7 hours on Super Bowl Sunday, the set construction crew dismantled the existing deck and brought it down to the bare floor to make way for the “runway” stage on which our upcoming musical, Fun Home, will perform.

Bare stage before it is completely removed [photos: Todd Moore and Rob Ward]

Elmwood has reconfigured its performance space to best serve the needs of a show on several occasions. Most recently, the stage was dismantled to create an immersive space for A Sherlock Holmes Showcase last season. For Fun Home, the runway stage with seating on three sides will create a unique perspective that connects the audience to the action.So, get ready for another unique and ambitious Elmwood production that shows why we have the outstanding reputation we do. The impressive talent onstage and the skill and expertise behind the scenes, ensure that audiences will, as always, be impressed by the way Elmwood can “tear it up!”

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