General Information:

The performances for the Sundays at 7 Series take place on the stage of Elmwood Playhouse six times per season, on one Sunday evening during the run of each of our six mainstage productions. Elmwood Playhouse provides our stage and 99-seat theatre to experienced performers and playwrights for a one night performance, and they in turn can have a professional quality venue in which to be seen and promote their shows and talents.

For any Sundays at 7 performance, there will be a set already on the stage for the Elmwood Playhouse mainstage production that is currently playing, and lights hung and focused for that production. Performers for Sundays at 7 must use the onstage space and set without changing it or the lights already in place. Some onstage set pieces may be used or may be able to be moved. Subject to the needs of the Sundays at 7 performance and the space available onstage, other set pieces may be brought onstage.

To be considered for a Sundays at 7 presentation, please follow these guidelines:

  • Performers must come in with a fully rehearsed, self-contained show. Elmwood Playhouse will provide one technical / sound check rehearsal in addition to the actual Sundays at 7 performance. Elmwood Playhouse cannot guarantee space or time at the theatre for any additional rehearsals. Subject to the needs of the Sundays at 7 performance, an Elmwood tech person may be available to run lights or sound, or the performers can provide their own person. Elmwood Playhouse may be able to help with costume or prop pieces for the performance.
  • Acts should be professional quality. Elmwood Playhouse charges the public $15 per ticket and $12 for Elmwood members. The Sundays at 7 is not a “workshop” or a “try-out” presentation. Although not a requirement, we prefer that presentations / performers have had previous performances in other venues.
  • All performances/acts must be a minimum of 1 hour, and try to run no longer than 1 1/2 hours long. Sundays at 7 performances are meant to be presented without an intermission.
  • Musical acts must provide their own musicians, instruments and sound/amplification equipment. Please be aware of the limited stage space.
  • Performers are asked to actively promote their Sundays at 7 performance and help get a paying audience into the theatre. Elmwood Playhouse will also promote the performance through their usual outlets, however, there is an expectation that the performers will provide a percentage of paying audience members attending their Sundays at 7 performance.

Some examples of Sundays at 7 performances have been:

  • Small musical / vocal groups
  • One-person theatrical performances
  • Staged readings of condensed versions of plays or film scripts
  • Improvisational comedy
  • Fully produced short plays with small casts (e.g. 2 to 5 people)

Performances are not limited to these types of shows. We are open to any ideas for theatrical presentations. For example: dance, poetry, lecture/demonstrations, and celebrity interviews.

For questions or suggestions for bookings, contact our Sundays at 7 coordinator.