July Workshop Auditions – “The Corn Stalks”

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Auditions for the July Workshop, “The Corn Stalks” will be held on Wednesday, June 7 at 7:30 p.m. at Elmwood Playhouse (within the Sorkin Studio). All are welcome!

We will be presenting the first half of a feature-length screenplay by local writer, Renata Krach.

When a rash of murders take place in a small Midwestern American town, two cops investigate an oddball cast of characters to find out what’s happening, who did it, and why. This corny parody takes many familiar horror story tropes and turns them upside down for laughs.

For this workshop performance, scripts will be in hand.

Monday, July 3 at approximately 8:30 p.m. (Workshop after Elmwood Membership Meeting)

To be arranged, but a total of probably 3-4 rehearsals including the final dress/technical rehearsal on Sunday, July 2. (Flexible.)

Corinne Miele (late teens) – girlfriend to Ethan. Half of your average teenage couple that appears in every horror movie. Possible doubling with Huskins.

Ethan Knoll (late teens) – boyfriend to Corinne. Half of your average teenage couple that appears in every horror movie. Possible doubling with Jimmy.

Maisie Richards (30’s) – Police Chief. She cares deeply about the people in her town, and works hard to make a difference in her community. The straight man in the duo of her and Flint.

Matthew Flint (20’s-30’s) – Police Officer. An easygoing guy who knows how to handle Richards in her moments of frustration. A good source of ideas with great powers of observation, while still cracking the occasional dumb joke.

James “Jimmy” Crack (20’s) – a recovering addict. He’s aware enough to recognize how addiction is destroying him, but he’s not strong or driven enough to keep himself clean for very long. Possible doubling with Ethan.

Paul Cobb (40’s) – the mayor of the town. He puts on a fake yee-haw accent, dresses in a cowboy hat and boots, and drives the latest high-end pickup truck. It’s all an act, though; inside he’s cowardly, afraid to accept himself, and afraid of what the townsfolk would think about who he really is.

Cornelius Keller (40’s) – a farmer. He wakes up early, works with his hands, loves his country, and lives simply. He also was raised with conservative values and has a deep suspicion toward city folk and liberalism.

Silver Queen (30’s) – a nonbinary drag queen. They’re very flamboyant when in performance mode, and more subdued (but still femme) when at home. As a result of their past experiences, they try to save people from harm.

Eleanor Huskins (20’s) – a female scientist and PR spokesperson for a large corporation. Type A personality. Possible doubling with Corinne.

If you would like a copy of the script or have any questions, please email the director, Nick Nappo, at njnappo@gmail.com.

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