Kathy McCarthy Simpson Appointed To Open Board Seat

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kathy-simpsonThis month, Elmwood welcomed a new Board member! Kathy McCarthy Simpson was selected by the Board of Directors to fill the vacancy on the Board when Carol Napier stepped down. We are grateful to Carol, who, although she departed the Board in June, has always been, and continues to be, an invaluable contributor to Elmwood. Kathy was elected by acclamation at the membership meeting on August 7 and will serve for two years.

Not a newcomer to Board duties, Kathy has served on the Board twice before. Involved at Elmwood since 1992, she has worked on dozens of shows as a stage manager, doing lights, and offering a helping hand on various backstage projects – painting sets being a specialty. Baking delicious cookies for a variety of occasions has to be added to her list! Kathy was honored with the Golden Elm Leaf Award in 2022 for her many contributions to Elmwood.

Retired since 2022 from her position as a science teacher at Clarkstown North, Kathy felt she now had time to serve once again. “Being on the Board is a true honor,” she says. “I’m glad to be able help the theater continue to be successful. I like giving back to the community that has given me so much joy for so many years.”

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