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If you’ve been in the opening night audience for an Elmwood show, you’ve probably seen the dynamic duo that is our “Opening Night Committee.” Carolynn Whitford (member since 1975) and Kandi Rosenbaum (member since 1998) have been enthusiastically facilitating Elmwood’s opening night celebrations for many years. First, they assisted Life Members Selma Sorkin and Elaine and David Vogel in organizing our opening night parties, and in 2017 they took up the task of co-chairing the events themselves.

Post-Covid, Carolynn and Kandi addressed concerns about over-crowded celebrations by creatively re-imagining our Opening Night tradition to give the audience a special treat and to honor the show’s hardworking volunteers, actors and crew. Before each opening night, they prepare lovely show-themed goodie bags and give one to each audience member as they exit the theater. Then, they gather the cast and crew in the Sorkin Studio, which they have set up for a post-performance champagne toast. Times have changed the way we celebrate, but Carolynn and Kandi’s dedication never wavers!

Carolynn and Kandi are perfect examples of the multi-talented and generous efforts of Elmwood members. Kandi’s background encompasses being a stage manager, costumer, prop master, producer, and performer. Carolynn has been a singer/actor, Chair of our Make-up Department, and dedicated member of the Gala/Fundraising Committee. Kandi currently greets and seats patrons at almost every performance, but both Kandi and Carolynn have served as front door ticket management at various times. They see Elmwood as “an all accepting creative playground, welcoming all people of various talents and abilities.” And even more that, they say, “Elmwood offers a precious gift of lifetime friendships and extended family.”

Thanks Kandi and Carolynn for keeping the “welcome wagon” rolling.

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  • Carolynn Whitford

    Elmwood you are so welcome! Thank you for the kind article on the fun we have creating a new kind of festive opening night.

    • Megan Chill

      Thanks to you and Kandi for keeping our tradition alive… and for all the ways you help Elmwood shine!

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