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Dracula:The Ultimate Darth Vader?

One can say that Michael Edan director, actor, playwright, is attracted to the “dark side” in his dramatic choices. “Consider the character of Dracula, perhaps the ultimate Darth Vader, representing the Shadow aspect of our psyche. I’m drawn to these shadowy parts of ourselves,” explains Michael. “In real life we don’t relish the idea, let alone the lived experience, of exploring our shadow natures, but in theater we are allowed to do so in a creative way that for the most part is safe and non-traumatic. If it’s a good play it’s not just about relishing the dark side of life, but taking a journey to experience some illumination that we did not see before. Even Dracula, the century old gothic thriller, can do that in its own way and be dramatically fulfilling.”

Michael Edan

Michael Edan

Michael began his active involvement in Elmwood 25 years ago playing the role of El Gallo in The Fantasticks, and made his directorial debut with The Waverly Gallery, in 2001. Although Michael emphasizes that all the shows he has directed were rewarding experiences with wonderful actors, he concedes that The Crucible holds a special place in his heart. Behind the scenes, he’s served on the Play Selection and Director Development Committees and presently helps with workshop selections.

Elmwood means so much to me. It’s my home away from home. An amazing space and individuals, which allows me to express and share my creative spirit. It has brought me deep friendships and awareness and appreciation that on some level I am contributing to the community.”

Join us for Michael Edan’s latest directorial contribution, Elmwood’s production of Dracula, onstage Sept. 8- Oct. 7. Tickets and information: 845.353.1313

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