Meet the Director: Peter Garruba, Italian American Reconciliation

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In his more than 50 years in the entertainment world, Peter Garruba has worn many hats as an actor, director, producer and teacher. He has also multitasked in his 15 years of involvement with Elmwood, a place where he says he has the pleasure of being able to “dream and be awake at the same time.”

Peter has served on Elmwood’s Board of Directors, Play Selection and By-Laws Committees, and directed five shows. These have been his favorite kind of plays, ones that are either comedies or with many comic moments, but that go much deeper than being just for laughs. A prime example is his 2020 production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, which garnered the best production of the decade honor from Broadway World Westchester/Rockland and which he calls his most challenging and rewarding project.

“I prefer plays that have a lot of comedy, but with deep, thought-provoking moments that mirror life as well, like Italian American Reconciliation. An incredibly talented cast and crew are bringing to life our struggles and how we deal with them. I want audiences to walk away with an unexpected take on something and questions that spark conversation and debate.” Elmwood audiences look forward to doing just that in the next four weeks.

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