Michael Edan Revisits “Dracula”

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Revisiting Dracula

With Elmwood’s successful season opener, Dracula, closing last weekend, its Director, Michael Edan, reflects on the play’s timeless allure.

Michael says, “In the fall of 1977, while Frank Langella was playing the title role in the Broadway revival of the 1924 play Dracula, I was performing the role of Renfield in the same play in a small community theatre in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Being relatively new to the world of acting, it was exciting for me to play such an eccentric character in my mid-twenties. I ratted my hair, looking like I stuck my finger in an electric socket, and had a blast making my appearance look as emaciated as possible. Let’s just say my performance was not subtle. Little did I realize I would have the opportunity to revisit the play nearly half a century later, but this time playing the role of director. The first thing that impressed me now was how well the play stands the test of time psychologically, as well as theatrically, since its original publication. Revisiting it allowed me the opportunity, especially as director, to explore the theme of good and evil, as well as levels of relationships between the various characters in a way that was more believable and nuanced than my previous experience. Perhaps one reason for the popularity of Dracula is the prospect of
revisiting whatever he represents for the human psyche.”

As Michael observes, the play Dracula has an enduring appeal—and our Elmwood production was no exception. The house filled performance after performance with audience members eager to enter into the spirit of this classic tale. Kudos to Michael, the cast, the creatives, and the technicians and crew that brought Dracula to life on the Elmwood stage!

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