Musical Makes Its First Appearance in Cold Reading Series

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After starting the cold reading series last July and concentrating on newer plays, the cold reading series will read “Bright Star” by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell inspired by their Grammy-winning collaboration on the 2013 bluegrass album “Love Has Come for You.”
The true story of the “Blue Mountain Baby” inspired this stirring story. The musical, set in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina in the 1920s and ’40s, is not a historically accurate re-telling of the legend. Instead, it takes the tragic circumstances from the original tale and creates a completely new sequence of events that could have also transpired with a similar start. So, what happened years ago?
Come and hear this musical Saturday, April 20th 11 am in the Tarson Studio for FREE.
Alice Murphy – Claudia Stefany
Billy Cane – Sam Ruck
Daddy Cane – John Anderson
Margo – Lisa Spielman
Max- Stavros Adamides
Florence – Wendy Portney
Edna – Carol Napier
Daryl – Derek Tarson
Lucy – Tiffany M. Card
Mama Murphy – Wendy Portney
Daddy Murphy – Derek Tarson
Mayor Dobbs – Kevin Cannon
Jimmy Ray Dobbs – Larry Gabbard
Stanford  – Stavros Adamides
Dr. Norquist – John Anderson
Clerk – Carol Napier
Well Dressed Woman & Stage Directions – Carol Napier

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