Nyack Halloween Parade 2018

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Nyack’s Annual Halloween Parade draws thousands to the little village where Elmwood lives. For the past few years we have not had representation in the Parade. That ends this year, 2018.

President Steve Taylor will be driving his Mustang Connvertible in which Bride Carol Napier and Groom Brian Luke will be riding. Candy Pittari is expected to be a member of the 1930’s wedding party.

Why 1930’s ? Simply because that is the era in which the upcoming show SHE LOVES ME occurs and we are hoping to garner some publicity for both the show and the theater. If you are interested in participating in the parade and walking alongside the car holding Elmwood signs, please contact Steve Taylor, or Candy Pittari.

The group will assemble at the Playhouse before proceeding down to Memorial Park where the Parade begins. We hope some of you turn up. If you don’t have a costume, I have plenty of Elmwood jackets and shirts you may wear, just let me know. It’s a great parade. If you don’t want to be in it, we hope you will come see it and support us

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  • Beverly Huff

    Wishing you much success and lots of fun! I’m not able to participate, but hoping I’ll be part of the crowd.

  • Maxine Bernstein

    If the parade is changed to Sunday, I’m in and will see you all there hopefully.

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