Porch Stories 2: Live from the Elmwood Playhouse Porch

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Based on The Moth Radio Hour, an extraordinary hour of true stories that airs on National Public Radio, Elmwood Playhouse presents our own version of this national treasure.

Porch Stories: True Stories, Told Live from the Elmwood Porch will be an hour of storytelling that lifts up our mission to share the stories from our community that connect our lives. This is also Elmwood’s response to the current pandemic, the civil unrest, and the turbulent political times that are dividing people. It is our desire to forge bonds among local Nyack and surrounding area residents, our theater members, and our patrons.


WHO – We are seeking 8-10 storytellers of all ages, races, genders, ethnicities, and experiences interested in crafting and sharing their stories at this live event. We are also recording/archiving the stories as well.

WHAT – Participants will have five (5) minutes to share an “open-mic” personal story slam, speaking conversationally about themselves, their histories, and their truth. There are no notes permitted.

WHEN – Friday, October 23 and Saturday, October 24 at 7pm, (rain date October 25 at 7pm)

WHERE – Elmwood Playhouse porch and patio.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE – Please send the audition “pitch” for your story to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SBJHQZH

WHAT ELSE – Claudia Stefany and Larry Gabbard will be available to work with you to hone your story to five minutes. Because the stories are not read, they should feel natural and you should know your story “by heart,” not by rote memorization. Please check out The Moth Storyteller Tips for insight on telling your story.

THEME – For our 2nd Porch Stories event, the theme will be: FALLING: IN, OUT & OVER

However you interpret that theme is up to you, as it is your perspective and your experiences. One could speak about childhood, your time in Covid 19, divorce, love, leaving home for the first time, recognizing their children’s autonomy, special memories, events unique to their family’s history, etc. The bottom line, your story should have stakes: What do you stand to gain or lose in the story? Why is what happens in the story important or meaningful to you? That will make the story special and interesting to the audience.


For our presenters: we will be practicing CDC guidelines. Only one storyteller at a time will be permitted on the porch. While “backstage,” all participants will wear masks. The microphone will be disinfected in between each storyteller. For our audience members: The patio and sidewalk be sectioned off at recommended distances, two people max in a “party” may sit beside each other, masks are required. The event is FREE.

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