Porch Stories: FALLING: IN, OUT & OVER

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True Stories, Told Live from the Elmwood Playhouse Porch

Inspired by The Moth Radio Hour, an extraordinary hour of true stories that airs on National Public Radio, Elmwood Playhouse presents our own version of this national treasure. Porch Stories: True Stories, Told Live from the Elmwood Porch will be an hour-ish of storytelling that lifts up our mission to share the stories from our community that connect our lives.

For our October 2020 Porch Stories event, the theme will be: FALLING: IN, OUT & OVER

Storytellers will have approximately five minutes to share an “open-mic” personal story slam, speaking “off-the-cuff” without notes about themselves, their histories, and their truth.

Storytellers include:

Created and directed by: Claudia Stefany and Larry Gabbard

WHEN – Friday, October 23 and Saturday, October 24 at 7pm, (rain date October 25 at 7pm)

WHERE – Elmwood Playhouse porch and patio. Outdoor seating is limited.

TICKETS are FREE and can be reserved via the Elmwood Playhouse website.

COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS – For our presenters and audience members we will be practicing CDC guidelines. Only one storyteller at a time will be permitted on the porch. While “backstage,” all participants will wear masks. The microphone will be disinfected in between each story. For our audience members the patio and sidewalk will be sectioned off at recommended distances, two people max in a “party” may sit beside each other. Masks are required. There will be hand sanitizer.

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