Prop Room Eagle Scout Project

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For the last few months, Troop 97 led by Eagle Scout candidate, James Calabro, has been working on replacing the shelving in the center of the prop room.

What a job!! But I am happy to say we are getting there. The scouts built and installed four units of shelving not to mention taking down and disposing of the older shelves.

I would like to thank the scouts of Troop 97, their leaders and James’ father, Jim Calabro for making this makeover a reality. I would also like to thank Kathy Simpson for being a partner in completing this work.

We still have some things to do but we are almost there. Thank you again to all involved and to the patience of everyone who may have been inconvenienced by all the boxes of props laying about here and there.

Finally, I think this is a wonderful example of Elmwood Playhouse working hand in hand with the community of Boy Scouts. Congratulations to James Calabro and Troop 97!

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