written by Peter Shaffer / Tom Stoppard

directed by and Melinda Pinto and Omar Kozarsky

Friday September 12th 2014 — Saturday October 11th 2014

Black Comedy / The Real Inspector Hound

Shaffer’s Black Comedy is actually punny – When an electrical fuse is blown, what you see in the dark (black), is illuminated by a fast paced orgy of brilliantly sustained blind slapstick. This comedic lightning farce includes a lovesick sculptor, his fiancée, her pompous father, a fussy neighbor, unexpected visitors and purloined antiques.  Stoppard’s Real Inspector Hound is a mashed up spoof of all things Agatha Christie – an isolated setting, a dead body, and some very eccentric characters up to no good. What’s more, the critics watching the “play within the play” provide side-splitting commentaries and become entangled in deviously dastardly doings.


Production Staff / Crew

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