written by Lynn Nottage

directed by Joe Albert Lima

Friday May 15th 2015 — Saturday June 6th 2015


In lower Manhattan, at the turn of the century, when the color of your clothing or the color of your skin determined who you could or couldn’t marry, sleep with, or talk to in public, Esther, a 35-year-old African American sews intimate apparel for clients who range from wealthy white patrons to prostitutes.  Much in demand, she plans to use the money she’s saved to open a beauty parlor where black women will be treated as royally as the white women for whom she sews – but her dreams of prosperity conflict with her desires for love and a happy marriage. Betrayed and wounded, Esther’s unbroken spirit  is determined to use her gifted hands and sewing machine to refashion her dreams and make them anew from the fabric of her life. Intimate Apparel is a poignant commentary, rich in historical research, issues of race, self worth, and the struggle against compromising one’s dreams.


Production Staff / Crew

All In The Timing