written by Patterson Greene

directed by Eric Davies

Saturday March 8th 1952 — Saturday March 8th 1952

A cheerful comedy about the Pennsylvania Dutch. Papa’s an ugly tempered tyrant with religious scruples against conveniences and pleasures of all kinds. Emma, the daughter, is in love with a surveyor who wants to marry her. Son Jake wants to simplify farm life by the installation of machinery. Mama, though resigned to accepting Papa’s word, is wistful for the friendly association with neighbors that’s part of even the most orthodox Mennonite life. The offspring suspect Papa’s scruples are merely a way of keeping them as the farm’s forced slave labor. Emma with Mama’s connivance steals off to a movie with her surveyor, but Papa finds out and in a rage goes off to shoot the surveyor. The family realizes something must be done about Papa and then the car Papa’s in enroute to his shooting is wrecked and Papa happily disappears. How Papa is finally done in unfolds at the end.


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