written by Jane Austen, adapted by Kate Hamill

directed by Alison Costello

Friday March 10th 2023 — Saturday April 1st 2023

Pride and Prejudice

The classic story, adapted with edge and energy for a new era, explores the absurdities and thrills of finding your perfect (or imperfect) match in life. Literature’s greatest tale of latent love has never felt so theatrical, or so full of life.

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Production Staff / Crew

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Director’s Note

Pride and Prejudice holds a very special place in my heart. My Aunt Mary, a wonder of a woman, who lived a remarkably full life, passing at 98, was a voracious reader and enjoyed anything and everything Jane Austen. Her particular favorite being Pride and Prejudice. She favored the 1995, BBC mini series, for many reasons, the biggest being Colin Firth. 

We would plan our movie night for weeks, making sure to reserve our VHS cassettes, later to her dissatisfaction, DVDs,  far in advance to make sure no one else would take it out when we wanted to watch it. She would make it an event, setting up snack tables in front of her TV in her basement apartment, whipping up her famous salads or if I was lucky, chicken cutlets and would ensure that everything was ready so we didn’t have to get up for anything once the movie started. 

We began with excitement and anticipation, always remarking at the characters and plot line as if it was our first time watching it.  I remember with fondness how she would try with all her might to stay awake, but inevitably she would fall asleep  because, while “such a wonderful love story” she would argue, “there is just so much talking. Get on with it already!”  

It has been a true honor to bring this story to life with this remarkable cast and crew. I know Aunt Mary would be  thrilled to know that I finally found an adaptation that would not only have kept her awake from beginning to end, but that also shared her same quick witted, energetic and quite often, naughty, sense of humor. 

Much love to Jay for his unrelenting support for my need to create art and to Juliet and Alex who I hope understand how essential it is to follow your passions even when it means having to miss some nighttime snuggles. 

I hope you have an absolute BALL! 

Alison Costello

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