written by Jason Robert Brown (Music And Lyrics)

directed by Claudia Stefany

Friday January 14th 2022 — Saturday February 5th 2022


Musical Direction by Tony Bellomy

Songs for a New World is the first produced show by Jason Robert Brown (Parade, Bridges of Madison County). Representing a broad range of musical genres including pop, gospel and jazz, the songs are linked by a common theme that Brown says is about “the moment of decision. It’s about hitting the wall and having to make a choice, or take a stand, or turn around and go back.” Although set in a variety of times and places, the show poignantly expresses the hopes and challenges of our present reality.

Presented by special arrangement Music Theatre International.



Production Staff / Crew


  • Tony Bellomy Piano
  • Trevor Holder Percussion
  • Randy Landau Bass
  • Rodney Loren Keyboard
  • Brian Murphy Guitars


Act 1

  • Opening Sequence: The New WorldCompany
  • On The Deck Of A Spanish Sailing Ship, 1492Tyler & Company
  • Just One StepJenn
  • I m Not Afraid Of AnythingMiran
  • The River Won t FlowJohn, Tyler & Company
  • Transition IMiran
  • Stars And The MoonJenn
  • She CriesJohn
  • The Steam TrainTyler & Company


Act 2

  • The World Was DancingMiran & Chad
  • Surabaya SantaJenn
  • Christmas LullabyZully
  • King Of The WorldChad
  • I d Give It All For YouMiran & John
  • Transition IITyler
  • The Flagmaker, 1775Zully
  • Flying HomeChad & Company
  • Final TransitionZully, Tyler, Miran, John
  • Hear My SongCompany

Special Thanks

Wendy Portney, Larry Wilbur, Edward Van Saders, Steve Taylor, Alan Demovsky, Meg Sewell, John Failla, Michael Wright, Tim Reid, Jennie Marino, Wesley Gardner, Duncan Bell, James Gardner