written by Anton Chekhov, Lady Gregory, George Bernard Shaw

directed by Charles Weaver Robert Daker James Gordon Sr.

Friday June 11th 1948 — Friday June 11th 1948

“The Boor” is about the fickleness of feelings and commitment. It tells about how faithful a woman, even her husband had died, she was still faithful, and how irritated she was, after knowing that her husband had betrayed her, but she didn’t change, she still loved her husband very much by imprisoning herself in her house and receiving no one.

“The Workhouse Ward” centers around two old men, Mike Mcinerney and Michael Miskell who have been neighbors since youth. They incessantly quarrel with each other. Now they live in a paupers’ infirmary or workhouse. Will they continue to keep up their old habit of quarreling?

In “The Dark Lady of the Sonnets”, William Shakespeare, intending to meet the “Dark Lady”, accidentally encounters Queen Elizabeth I. He attempts to persuade her to create a national theatre.


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