Some Users Reporting Issue with Logging Into Elmwood Website

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Over the past few weeks, a small number of Elmwood members have reported issues in trying to access a page in the Members Only section of the website.

Some users have tried to access a Members only page by first logging in with their current active member user name and password only to be told they are not logged in (which is not the case) or keep getting thrown back to the My Profile page in an endless loop.

The technical reason and fix for this has yet to be discovered however for the short term, we have set the website to return users to the Elmwood Playhouse home page upon a successful login. This was done to avoid the issue of users getting stuck on the My Profile page.

If you logged into the Elmwood Playhouse website and try to access a Members Only page and are confronted with a message saying “you are not logged in”, please try the following steps:

  1. If you are sure you have a valid and active membership login, please try logging in again CAREFULLY to eliminate the possibility that the issue is caused by attempting to login with an incorrectly typed username/email and/or password combination.
  2. If you are SURE you have typed in your user name and password correctly, but still see a “You must be logged in to see this page” message, REFRESH or RELOAD the web page by clicking on your web browser’s “Refresh” button. Click this link to learn how to refresh a web page.
  3. If it is still not working, you may need to complete clear your web browser’s “cache” or temporary memory. Click this link to learn how to empty your browser cache.

The instructions listed above will also appear when you attempt to access a Members Only page without first logging into the website.

We hope to eventually find a permanent solution to this issue but refreshing the page after logging in seems to solve the issue for those with this isolated issue.



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