John AdeRecording Secretary

    John is proud to be serving his first term as a member of the Elmwood Board. He has been a frequent performer on Elmwood’s stage for the past 15 years and is eager to help support the theater in the years to come. In love with theatre from a very early age, John trained and worked as a professional actor for twelve years, earning a BFA in Theater from the University of Colorado and appearing in numerous theatrical, film and television productions in the Midwest and San Francisco area before moving to Rockland County in 2001. For the past 23 years he has worked in the field of education, researching, developing, publishing and promoting instructional materials and teaching support for literacy and English language acquisition for pre-K through high school-age children. In his current role at Cambridge University Press, John works closely with authors, educators and other professionals around the world to help young people acquire and develop the skills, abilities, and confidence to realize their dreams and aspirations.

    Larry Gabbard