Thank you Elmwood Playhouse!

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My Arias & Art Songs 2022  “This Shining Night” Workshop concert on 8/1/22 was a wonderful and interesting musical journey. I was thrilled to sing at Elmwood the very song I first sang 48 years ago (The Black Swan),  making that somewhat of a legacy paying homage to Elmwood and launching my singing career from an early age. I am grateful to the many folks who helped me prepare for the concert. I could not have accomplished any of this without the very talented pianist, Tom Hoetzl. My gratitude to the cast and crew of A Doll’s House, Part 2 for letting me use their beautiful stage, and to Workshop Committee chairs, Michael Edan and Derek Tarson for their support. I thank the great workshop team for “This Shining Night.” Thank you to Steve Taylor for handling the Zoom for live streaming and narrating the song titles, and to Mike Gnazzo for pushing the right button for the lights, creating the illusions for the sun and the moon. Thanks to Rich Ciero for helping to twinkle up the stage with curtain lights and preserving the beautiful set and stage, and to Kandi Rosenbaum for her care in fitting the gowns, setting the stage with the lovely Barbie dolls and (flameless) candles, and keeping me focused and confident.

As I sang in “O Moon, stay a while!” this concert is going to stay with me for just a little while longer – I hope it stays with you all as well. Feel free to reach out to me if you wish to see any of the recordings or talk about the program. Thank you all.

– Carolynn Whitford

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