The Actor’s Playground Set to Begin on February 28th

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Is there a scene you’ve been burning to tackle? A monologue you feel compelled to perform or work on? Or do you just want to flex those acting muscles in a safe and fun environment?

Then join us on February 28th for our inaugural “playdate” at Elmwood’s Actor’s Playground.

Date/Time: Wednesday, February 28th @ 7pm-9pm
Place: Sorkin Studio
What you need: A willingness to play and a scene or monologue you’d like to work on.

A partner is not necessary. I can pair you up on the spot.

If there is nothing you want to bring, I will have scenes and monologues available.

Please email Alison Costello at to reserve your spot. First come, first serve for 10 actors.

Please note: You must be an active member to sign up. Learn how to become a member of Elmwood.

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