The Community of Community Theater: Extra space in Nyack this Friday!

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Our neighbor restaurants and other businesses get a boost by closing streets on Friday June 12!

While Elmwood Playhouse must remain closed, we are glad to see Nyack open up streets for outdoor dining and shopping! On Friday, June 12 from 3:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., parts of Main Street and Broadway will close to let restaurants expand their outdoor dining and shops open up for customers.

Streets that are closing Friday, June 12 from 3:30-11 p.m.:

  • Main Street: Franklin Street to Broadway
  • Broadway: High Avenue to Burd Street

The Nyack Chamber of Commerce is looking to help businesses recover from the coronavirus pandemic. “While it will take years to fully recover, the Village is committed to doing our part for the business community – the heart of Nyack,” village officials said on their website.

We look at Nyack businesses as partners to Elmwood Playhouse in our 63 years on Park Street. Our audiences often enjoy shopping and dining when they attend our shows, helping to boost the economy of the Village. We want to see Nyack succeed through this difficult time, so we are happy to see this opportunity for business to spread out and offer more.
And we can’t wait to re-open so our patrons can again enjoy the stories only live theater can tell.

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