The Game is Afoot! It’s a Sherlock Holmes Scavenger Hunt!

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Elmwood Playhouse is teaming up with Friends of Riverhook to bring you a Sherlock Holmes themed photo scavenger hunt on the grounds of The Hester Haring Cason Preserve in Upper Nyack—AKA Riverhook. It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s family-friendly! Find all the clues and win a pair of tickets to A Sherlock Holmes Showcase.

We want to encourage families to enjoy this fun activity on this beautiful preserve. We realize some young ones may not be interested in Sherlock Holmes yet, so there will be prizes for kids under 12 who participate with their families. The hunt will be set up in a way that is fun for all ages! No preregistration is required. Just show up!

And if you follow Elmwood Playhouse on social media, you may get a few hints in advance!

When? Sunday July 9 anytime between 10 and 2. There is no official “start” time. We are accepting “entries” until 2,but will stop accepting “winners” at 3. Of course, you are welcome to enjoy the grounds of Riverhook for as long as you like! If you’re coming to Nyack for the street fair, come join us after you’ve had enough of the crowds.

Where? Check in at the main entrance of Riverhook at 626 North Broadway. Friends of Riverhook suggests parking on nearby Locust Ave.

What? It’s a photo scavenger hunt–you will take photos as “evidence” that you found the items. Check in at the entrance, pick up your list of clues, and walk the paved and mowed paths through Riverhook to find the items. When you are finished, show us your photo evidence and post a selfie with the show poster to social media. Elementary! You’ve won two tickets to A Sherlock Holmes Showcase at Elmwood Playhouse and you’ve spent an hour or so enjoying the beautiful grounds of Riverhook.

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