This Month in the Shop: July

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In July, the Set Construction crew welcomed some new volunteers including Linnea, Albert, Todd, and Pete. These new team members joined Rob, Jack, Lenny, Steve, Bruce, Omar, and Arthur as they flew into Dracula construction.

After a flat-building review/tutorial last week, the group was able to quickly and efficiently rip, crosscut, fasten, and skin five new flats. And since no rehearsals were scheduled in the Tarson studio, they cleared it out and turned it into a temporary paint space. They built/pulled/prepped and primed all but one of the remaining wall flats required for Dracula and tagged them for a systematic load in. In addition, the fireplace surround and columns were prepped for priming.

Rob Ward laying out the “Dracula” plans to Bruce Levine, Lenny Goldberg, Steve Taylor, Pete Babiak, and Jack Binder.

Then, Dracula’s director, Michael Edan, delivered a body-sized box that Rob and Co. will transform into Dracula’s coffin—starting with fitting it to a rolling platform. A day in the Elmwood shop will surely lead to interesting conversations: What did you do today? I put wheels on a coffin.
Through it all, Mimi and Derek have kept the team fueled with food. The group has accomplished a lot these last couple of weeks—and had a blast doing it. You can be a part of this amazing group no matter what your experience or skill level. There is a job for every willing volunteer!
If you want to get involved (and who wouldn’t?) email Rob Ward at

Mark your calendars:

  • Sunday August 6 is Turnover Day from Sherlock to Dracula.
  • Monday August 7 is our “Open Shop” Workshop.
    After the membership meeting, meet some of the team, ask questions, and get to know the shop—because Elmwood’s shop is your shop.

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