Darian Slattery

Darian is a Deaf Creative Producer at Morpheyes Studio, a Deaf production company, at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, NY. Darian has been supporting ASL translation in various forms of media since 2018 when she was hired by Bustle to assistant edit an episode of Doula Diaries. Since then, she has translated numerous presentations, songs, and productions, including a production of Ordinary Days in Rochester, NY. As a Deaf actress, Darian took part in multiple college productions before her graduation in 2021, during which time she also worked with NYLON Theatre in NYC and Deaf West in Los Angeles. Darian is also a writer/director, making her debut in Morpheyes Studio’s short film, INSPIRED, to be released publicly in 2024. Darian appreciates Clybuorne Park’s production team for prioritizing Deaf involvement in their production.

As Production Staff / Crew Member:

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