is deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many talented artists (actors, staff, musicians, production crew, producers (especially Jimmy G. for your studio space), and production team) on Les Misérables here at the Elmwood Playhouse. “All of your dedication, inspiration, and drive made this monumental piece of theatre come to life, as well as made my contribution such a joyful experience. This production, our amazing production, will be remembered, talked about and cherished by audiences and fellow Elmwood members for years to come. Bravo everyone, bravo! I especially want to thank my beautiful wife, Kerry, for her constant support and “holding down the fort” the last few months, my son Tyler for giving up “park time” and bath time so daddy could go out and play, and of course to my partner in crime, the elegant, the visionary, Elaine Vogel. To quote Lieutenant Sulu from Star Trek 6, The Undiscovered Country: “Well Captain Kirk, it was nice to see you in action one more time.” God bless all.

Golden Elm Leaf Recipient (1998)

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