Geoffrey Wasserman

Geoffrey is exited to join the Elmwood Playhouse family. He is a student in Bergen County, New Jersey. Geoffrey loves being on and backstage; when he isn’t, he enjoys art, reading, and baking. Geoffrey also relishes being at Stage Left Children’s Theatre. Some of his favorite credits include, ATWA (Jeremy), Narnia (Edmund), Into The Woods (Rapunzel’s Prince), JATGP (Centipede), Newsies (Davey), and many more through SLCT and his school. He would like to thank his parents for letting him be in this show and driving him 25 minutes every time he has to go to rehearsal; his brothers for running lines with him; his whole SLCT family for their support, teaching him almost everything that he knows, and pushing him to become a better performer. He would finally like to thank the cast, crew, and production team for making this a great experience. Break a leg everyone! Enjoy the show!

As A Cast Member:

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