Margot Moore

Margot is a homeschooler from Nyack, NY. Her theater career started at age 5 with Helen Hayes Youth Theater’s Lollipop Kids. She has appeared in several shows at HHYT, SLCT, and Long Lake Camp for the Arts. When she is not on stage Margot enjoys all the arts and crafts, reading graphic novels, coding robots, and volunteering at the Nyack Library (where she is president of the Tween Advisory Group). She is a lifelong vegan who loves animals and happily shares her home with three cats, a dog, and two birds — all rescues! Margot hopes to be a director one day and is so happy to be a part of Elmwood Playhouse!

She would like to thank her dad for all the rides to rehearsal and for always making her laugh (especially when he doesn’t mean to) and special thanks to her mom for practicing lines with her every single day to make her performances even better and always making her feel soooooo loved!

As A Cast Member:

Moses Shapiro